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2010 Toronto Cycling Map adds Bike Boxes

Each year, the City of Toronto releases a comprehensive map of cycling infrastructure and suggested routes. The map indicates bike locker locations, stairs with bicycle groves, bicycle rental locations and clearly indicates every bike lane and multi-use path throughout Toronto. With a stalled Bike Plan, the 2010 edition varies only slightly from its predecessor. One […]

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Best Bike Lane Toronto: Week 1 Nominations

Route 35: St. George and Beverley

On Monday, April 12, 2010, BikingToronto asked you to nominate the best bike lanes in Toronto. As a bold pilot project to install separated bike lanes along University Avenue sparks the ire of mayoral candidates, excites downtown bicycle commuters and grabs the headlines, we don’t want our other bike lanes to feel left out. You’ve […]

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Updates to the Maps Page

I just updated the Maps Page, so I thought I’d do a quick blog post to let everyone know. Here’s what is new: 1) I updated the Bikelanes Map to make it as current as possible. If you know of a bikelane that seems to be missing from the map, please let me know in […]

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Updates to the Toronto BikeShop Map

Just a quick post to let you know I just updated the Toronto BikeShop Map. I made the BikeShop Map 4 years ago because whenever I was in a part of the city I wasn’t very familiar with, I never knew if I was near a bikeshop. It’s easy enough to google “Toronto Bikeshops” and […]

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How Many of Your Neighbours Bike to Work? Perhaps More Than You Think!


Patrick Cain at the Toronto Star loves maps (who doesn’t?). He’s done a couple general commuting maps for the GTA, but has just released one just about Commuter Cyclists, organized by Census Tracts. The map looks pretty much like you’d expect… higher levels of people using bicycles as their primary mode of getting to work […]

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Toronto BikeShop Map

Two years ago I made the first Toronto Bikeshop Map, and I’ve just updated it to be bigger, better, and more useful than the first! View Larger Map A large version of it is on it’s own page on BikingToronto. If you see any mistakes, or know of a shop I missed, please let me […]

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New Map on BikeFriday!

This friday is the 12th monthly BikeFriday! Last friday I added a new feature to the BikeFriday site – a map that has all the group commutes / bikepools on it. There are little green bike icons at all the start points. I’ve also put a red marker at the Grassroots-Annex store, as I think […]

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Bike Theft Thursday

Well, a quick check of the Cog’s Lost and Found section, as well as a perusal of the bicycle listings on craigslist, and I can’t find information about any bikes being stolen over the past week. Is it being naive to think that is actually the case? To fill up some room, I’ll remind you […]

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BikingToronto Railpath And Hydro Map

City Council has endorsed in principle creating a network of trails in rail and hydro corridors across the new city. Planning, parks and transportation will be working with the Toronto Cycling Committee in the coming year to develop a multi-year implementation plan. (Cyclometer, November 1998) It’s been almost 10 years since that “New Trail Corridors” […]

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