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EVENT: Mon, Feb. 9 – Connecting Riverdale to the Lake

Join us for a presentation and a discussion on improving cycling routes from Riverdale to Lake Ontario Monday, February 9at 7:00pm South Riverdale Community Health Centre – SRCHC 955 Queen Street East, Toronto, Ontario M4M 3P3 More:  Connecting Riverdale to the Lake.

INFRASTRUCTURE: How to (and not to) plough bikelanes


First off, above, a photo of Wellesley, close to Yonge (from the City of Toronto facebook group).  You may notice that the bikelane has been plough, and then blocked by snow from a driveway. And below, a great photo from Cycle Toronto on a great ploughed bikelane (Richmond), which a nice big snowbank between the […]

OH YEAH: A Bike Escalator That Can Get You Up That Steep Hill

Old news, but Torontoist finally woke up to it. A 130-metre hill in Trondheim, Norway, is home to what may be the future of urban cycling infrastructure: a bike escalator. First installed in 1993 under the name Trampe, the rig has helped more than 200,000 people from fussing over a particularly steep hump. In 2013, […]

NEWS: Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets are Toronto’s road to good health: Report

At its meeting Monday, the Toronto Board of Health received three in-depth reports on how better street infrastructure — bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, lower speed limits, attractive pedestrian-friendly tree-lined walkways, lighting and street furniture — make Torontonians healthier, because it encourages us to get out of our cars. The reports summarized decades of studying the […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: New site and app to report illegal bikelane parking

Very cool new site to report bikelane parking.  If my new workspace I’m moving to next week still overlooks College between Bay and University, I’ll be reporting a bunch of FedEx and Canada Post trucks. TowIt is a brand-new platform that collects user-submitted data on illegally parked vehicles including location, photos and license plate info, […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: In Rosedale, a trail becomes a dividing line

In sum, Rosedale residents have a public park that they don’t want connected to other parks with accessible multi-use trails, because you know, the proletariat may come too close to their homes. The city’s plans to alter this hillside have led to a fierce debate over the future of an exclusive park little known outside […]

EVENTS: Thurs, Jan 8 – Community Meeting: Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge


Date:  Thursday, January 8, 2015 – 18:30 – 20:30 Community Meeting: Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Build Toronto is hosting a Community Information Meeting to re-introduce the Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge project. You are invited to drop in, learn more about the project, and meet the team. When: Thursday, January 8, 2015 […]

NEWS: Pan Am Games velodrome gets thumbs up from cyclists

One of the mammoth facilities built for the Toronto Pan Am Games opened its doors Saturday for its first bit of major competition following much-publicized delay. Even though construction trailers, mounds of dirt, and a handful of pylons remained outside, speed cyclists from across the country — including members of Canada’s national team with sights […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Controversial Vancouver bike lane seems to be effective

Spoiler: bikelanes are always effective (if you want a happier, cleaner, friendlier and less congested city). There were protests in the streets, and allegations of class warfare and political favours. Even by Vancouver standards, the debate over the city’s latest bike lane grew especially heated.But nearly one year after a stretch of Point Grey Road […]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto vows to improve winter bike-lane maintenance

photo from TreeHugger

The city of Toronto is ramping up snow clearing in downtown bicycle lanes, trying to make it easier to ride through the winter.From a militant handful of winter riders a generation ago, cycling all year round has become increasingly mainstream. A steady flow of cyclists is seen on some routes in all but the very […]