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INFRASTRUCTURE: What do you think of protected bike lanes?

Dandyhorse asked cyclists near Sherbourne and Wellesley (sadly, the most "sophisticated" bike lanes in Toronto) what they thought of these separated bike lanes: Sherbourne and Wellesley is a … [Read more...]

PUBLIC MEETING: Thurs, Apr 9 – Humber Bay Shores Park Trail Improvements


The City of Toronto invites you to learn more and give your input on proposed trail improvements in Humber Bay Shores Park. Upgrades are needed to accommodate the increased popularity of this … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bike to Transit survey shows need for more bike infrastructure at GO stations


A survey of 100 bike-to-GO commuters produced by Donald Wiedman of Bike to Transit shows that the GTA, with its steadily increasing population along with the increasing popularity of commuter cycling, … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: How to build separated bike lanes properly

A great article on Streetsblog about Seattle's new Broadway bikelane.  THIS is how separated bikelanes should be planned and built.  Check out these amazing separation pieces: We’re bike lane … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Can Bike Lanes Connect Divided Communities?

What do bike lanes, racial equity, and economic equity all have in common? According to a new report by PeopleforBikes, quite a lot. The recently released report, “Building Equity: Race, Ethnicity … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Protected intersections for Richmond Adelaide cycle track pilot project

Cycle Toronto is recommending protected intersections for Richmond and Adelaide.  Awesome. We propose the City adopt protected intersections as a more efficient and safer way to manage the … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Bike Host program helps newcomers get in gear in Toronto

When Carlos Magbitang and his family emigrated to Toronto from the Philippines in 2013, he was surprised by how many bike lanes the city had. “Riding bikes here in Canada is very different from the … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Can Protected Bike Lanes Help Close the Gender Gap in Cycling?

The gender gap in North American cycling is a well-documented phenomenon. According to a survey undertaken by the Federal Highway Administration in 2009, women riders accounted for only 24 percent of … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: College and Spadina under construction for most of April

photo by Kate Mcdonald

  The city is letting cyclists know that the College & Spadina intersection will be a construction workzone for most of April.  Using Harbord may be a smoother trip. I know the College … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Hamilton Bike Share Officially Launches

Awesome news from just down the QEW - and an interesting system. Rather than bikedocks like Bikeshare Toronto, people can lock up to any bikerack in the service area (for an extra fee). The $1.6 … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Roads were NOT built for cars.

Isn't it time that the private automobile was banned from our downtowns?  On all the streets that existed before the roads were made for them. Roads were made for PEOPLE. Nowadays, it's common to … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Ferry terminal designs ready for public feedback


The Ferry docks are an essential piece of cycling infrastructure.  The islands are one of the best places to bike in the city (plus it's car-free!) The five shortlisted teams competing to redesign … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Being Hit by a Car and Vision Zero in Toronto


I'm good friends with Hyedie, the writer of the post linked below.  Hyedie was hit by a car, and the driver admitted guilt, but escaped ANY kind of repercussions.  Read about Hyedie's experience and … [Read more...]

NEWS: TTC’s new ‘bendy’ buses still without bicycle racks

Cyclists are still waiting for the TTC to restore bike racks to its new buses, after they were removed due to driver visibility problems. TTC buses are equipped with bike racks mounted to the … [Read more...]

MUST READ: Every Study Ever about the impact of Bike Lanes on Business

Oh yes. Read.  Share. Print-out and leave copies around your workplace, in local coffee shops.  Post on bulletin boards.  Email copies to every politician you know or have heard of. Here's the thing … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: New bike/ped bridge for the Finch Hydro Corridor Trail

New bike/ped bridge for the Finch Hydro Corridor Trail over Newtonbrook Creek via Toronto Cycling on Twitter … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The Hamster and the Cyclist: Bike lanes on bloor get studied again


An advocate for Bloor St. bike lanes is a lot like a hamster running on a treadmill: the harder you work the more you realize you’ve seen it all before. A recent briefing note from City Hall’s … [Read more...]

NEWS: Vaughan cycling group seeks bike space on proposed GTA West highway


Cyclists on the highway? That’s the hope of a group of cyclists in Vaughan, who want the province to make space along the proposed GTA West highway corridor for two-wheeled commuters. The Vaughan … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: A plea for bike lanes on Dupont

The Star wants to know about your commute: do you dread it every morning or is it a chance for philosophical thought and contemplation? Read More: A plea for bike lanes on Dupont … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto’s new bicycle czar ‘excited’ by surge in ridership

By just about any metric, cycling is on the rise in Toronto. A recent count conducted by Cycle Toronto showed the number of bikes moving through the intersection at College and Spadina during rush … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Mapping the City’s Bike Network Gaps

Toronto’s bikeway network is often a source of frustration for the city’s cyclists, and with the map above, it’s easy to see why. It illustrates the extent of Toronto’s bike infrastructure―or in some … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Ridership numbers continue to grow

Two different acquaintances recently remarked that when they returned from a couple of years working outside of Toronto, they were blown away by the increase in the number of cyclists on the roads. … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Toronto may get a glow-in-the-dark bike path

Well, this would be awesome, obviously. “We’re getting calls like crazy from all over the world. People get really excited about the environment, for either safety reasons or energy reasons, or just … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Bloor bike lanes delayed, again

Toronto: the City where everything takes forever, after delays and false starts and endless debate. The fault doesn't totally rely on city staff, as they are understaffed (they were even before the … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: TTC looking at making a park out Scarborough RT

Will they include a multi-use trail a la the West Toronto Railpath? Then cyclists deep in Scarborough can have a safe dedicated way to bike all the way to the Kennedy subway station. The TTC is on … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Despite drivers supporting it, Tory ready to scrap Bay-Bloor pedestrian scramble


Pedestrian friendly infrastructure on our streets make things safer for everyone, including people on bikes. But, although a HUGE amount of drivers supporting the pedestrian-priority crossing phase … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto cycling group pushing for Riverdale bike lanes

A local cycling advocacy group wants the Riverdale area to create safe bike lanes that would connect the neighbourhood to the waterfront.Ward 30 Bikes has called upon the expertise of 4th year … [Read more...]

EVENT: Mon, Feb. 9 – Connecting Riverdale to the Lake

Join us for a presentation and a discussion on improving cycling routes from Riverdale to Lake Ontario Monday, February 9at 7:00pm South Riverdale Community Health Centre - SRCHC 955 Queen … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: How to (and not to) plough bikelanes


First off, above, a photo of Wellesley, close to Yonge (from the City of Toronto facebook group).  You may notice that the bikelane has been plough, and then blocked by snow from a driveway. And … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: A Bike Escalator That Can Get You Up That Steep Hill

Old news, but Torontoist finally woke up to it. A 130-metre hill in Trondheim, Norway, is home to what may be the future of urban cycling infrastructure: a bike escalator. First installed in 1993 … [Read more...]

NEWS: Pedestrian and bicycle-friendly streets are Toronto’s road to good health: Report

At its meeting Monday, the Toronto Board of Health received three in-depth reports on how better street infrastructure — bike lanes, pedestrian crossings, lower speed limits, attractive … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: New site and app to report illegal bikelane parking

Very cool new site to report bikelane parking.  If my new workspace I'm moving to next week still overlooks College between Bay and University, I'll be reporting a bunch of FedEx and Canada Post … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: In Rosedale, a trail becomes a dividing line

In sum, Rosedale residents have a public park that they don't want connected to other parks with accessible multi-use trails, because you know, the proletariat may come too close to their homes. The … [Read more...]

EVENTS: Thurs, Jan 8 – Community Meeting: Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge


Date:  Thursday, January 8, 2015 - 18:30 - 20:30 Community Meeting: Fort York Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge Build Toronto is hosting a Community Information Meeting to re-introduce the Fort York … [Read more...]

NEWS: Pan Am Games velodrome gets thumbs up from cyclists

One of the mammoth facilities built for the Toronto Pan Am Games opened its doors Saturday for its first bit of major competition following much-publicized delay. Even though construction trailers, … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Controversial Vancouver bike lane seems to be effective

Spoiler: bikelanes are always effective (if you want a happier, cleaner, friendlier and less congested city). There were protests in the streets, and allegations of class warfare and political … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto vows to improve winter bike-lane maintenance

photo from TreeHugger

The city of Toronto is ramping up snow clearing in downtown bicycle lanes, trying to make it easier to ride through the winter.From a militant handful of winter riders a generation ago, cycling all … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Self-Righteous Drivers still trying to drive in separated bikelanes.


If a car might fit somewhere, a driver will try and fit it there.  The above was spotted in the brand new separated Wellesley bikelanes at Yonge.   Via: Seen today at Yonge and Wellesley … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: America’s 10 best new bike lanes of 2014

Cities to emulate, Toronto. This was the year that saw protected lanes pop up in Tempe, Arizona; in Athens, Georgia; in Pentagon City, Virginia. Last year, half of the new mileage of protected bike … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Wellesley West gets separated bikelanes

Photoso are surfacing of the new separated lane on Wellesley west.  This photo looks to be looking east on Wellesley from Bay. Look: a bike path that's physically separated from traffic! Now that … [Read more...]

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