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How Do You Keep Your Bike Clean in the Winter?


There's a pretty good discussion going on in the "How To" Group regarding making sure your winter bike stays clean if you are using it in the winter time. Bikeroo has posted some pretty funny … [Read more...]

Duncans City Ride: How a Guy Can Look Good on a Bicycle in Toronto

A short while ago I posted about how we dress when biking in Toronto.I think we're a pretty good looking bunch here in Toronto. Of course, when I tell people I'm a cyclist I can instantly see their … [Read more...]

Duncans City Ride: Getting Over the Struggles of Biking in Toronto


There are times when you feel absolutely alone on your bicycle. The cars keep streaming past you, closer and closer. The hill feels as thought it is never going to end. The rain starts to fall harder. … [Read more...]

5 Ways to get You and Your Bike Ready for Winter

Winter cycling may sound hard and/or crazy... but here in Toronto it's surprisingly easy and enjoyable... helped by the fact that we have milder winters than most of Canada.Here are some tips to get … [Read more...]

Torontoist – Fix Your Bike, Matey


Torontoist visits Bike Pirates: Fix Your Bike, Matey "We started in a backyard, in a communal living house," said Geoffrey Bercarich, another longtime volunteer. From that backyard, Bike Pirates … [Read more...]

How To Get Visible: Video

Very creative and funny video on making sure you get seen on the roads when it gets dark: via bikingtoronto.com Posted via web from bikingtoronto's posterous … [Read more...]

Contribute to the How-To: Get Your Bike Ready for Spring

The weather is getting warmer, and that means getting your bike ready for spring.Have a checklist of things you like to do to get your bike ready? Need advice on how to go about it?We've got an "open … [Read more...]

Bike The Strike!

It looks like the TTC will be striking (if there isn't a deal reached this weekend) on Monday.Get your friends to Bike the Strike with you! Here's a handy guide for those who have never biked to work … [Read more...]

Slush Puppies: How to Enjoy Biking in the Winter

Just wanted to make sure I get a link up to a great article in the Post about Winter Cycling in Toronto called "Slush Puppies" from Spacing contributor Tammy Thorne:The non-stop snow doesn't mean much … [Read more...]

Winter Workshops at the Community Bicycle Network

The Community Bicycle Network started these last night, but theygo for the next 3 Wednesdays as well.Flat-fix / Basic Tune-up Workshop - Feb. 13, 7-10 pmWheel Building Workshop A - Feb. 20, 7-10 … [Read more...]

How-To: Plan A Summer Bicycle Trip

  It may be the middle of winter, but as TreeHugger points out, now is a great time to start planning your summer bike trips - if you're the type of person who likes "touring". TreeHugger … [Read more...]

Winter Biking in Toronto

In case anyone doesn't know about it yet, the City of Toronto is running a "Bike Winter" from December 1st to March 1st to encourage winter cycling in our great city.They've posted a handy-dandy … [Read more...]