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How-To: Plan A Summer Bicycle Trip

  It may be the middle of winter, but as TreeHugger points out, now is a great time to start planning your summer bike trips – if you’re the type of person who likes “touring”. TreeHugger Andrew goes through all the basics, from where to stay (everything from camping to hotels), what you need on […]

Winter Biking in Toronto

In case anyone doesn’t know about it yet, the City of Toronto is running a “Bike Winter” from December 1st to March 1st to encourage winter cycling in our great city. They’ve posted a handy-dandy brochure (PDF) to help those new to winter cycling get into it, with handy tips and often humourous “things to […]

"Wenches with Wrenches" Advanced Courses This Fall

Are you a member of the fairer sex who is already a pro at basic bike repair like fixing flats and adjusting your breaks? You’ll want to check out a new series of Advanced Course from the lovely ladies of the Community Bicycle Network: Wenches with Wrenches is an ongoing program of CBN volunteers who […]

Toronto Police Take Bike Registration Online

The Toronto Police Service has recently announced that gone are the days of printing out and filling out hardcopy forms to register your beloved bike with them (although you can still do that [pdf file] if that floats your boat… er, greases your chain…) Yup, you can now register your bike with the TPS online […]

CBN hosts Flat fix and tune-up course tonight

Flat fix and tune-up course @ CBN 7:00pm- 9:00pm The Community Bicycle Network introduces mechanic classes for beginners. The classes are taught by experienced mechanics and provide an intimate, focused, learning environment. Learning some basics about your bike saves you money in the long run when you can change your own tube or adjust your […]

Bike Safety Tips from Olivia Chow

It’s Olivia Chow. The left-leaning federal politician (formerly of Toronto City Council) is a renowned bike-lover, and is often seen toolin’ around on a tandem bike she shares with her hubby, Federal NDP leader Jack Layton (also formerly of Toronto City Council). Here’s a good video of Olivia and safety tips for biking Toronto. :)

Wenches with Wrenches – 2007 Season

The wenches are back! You WISH you WENCHED like a GIRL!2007 Season Ready to Roll! Wenches with Wrenches is an ongoing program of CBN volunteers who host bicycle repair workshops run by and for women in downtown Toronto. The idea has been to make basic bicycle repair skills accessible to women in the hope that […]

How To ENJOY Riding In The Rain

I meant to post this yesterday, since it absolutely poured yesterday morning, and I was wondering how many people accepted the challenge from Mother Nature. Yeah, I look at extreme weather (well, extreme for Toronto…) as short, doable challenges to tackle on my 7 km commute to work. The main challenge is being prepared enough […]

8 Secrets To Cycling In Traffic (Complete Series)

As promised, here’s all 8 Secrets in one post (I have them linked individually down at the bottom, if that’s what floats your boat…). This is the easiest way to print out all of them into a poster you can hang in your bedroom, cubicle and on your grocery store bulletin board. Haha. One secret […]