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5 Ways to get You and Your Bike Ready for Winter

Winter cycling may sound hard and/or crazy... but here in Toronto it's surprisingly easy and enjoyable... helped by the fact that we have milder winters than most of Canada.Here are some tips to get … [Read more...]

Torontoist – Fix Your Bike, Matey

Torontoist visits Bike Pirates: Fix Your Bike, Matey "We started in a backyard, in a communal living house," said Geoffrey Bercarich, another longtime volunteer. From that backyard, Bike Pirates … [Read more...]

How To Get Visible: Video

Very creative and funny video on making sure you get seen on the roads when it gets dark: via bikingtoronto.com Posted via web from bikingtoronto's posterous … [Read more...]

Contribute to the How-To: Get Your Bike Ready for Spring

The weather is getting warmer, and that means getting your bike ready for spring.Have a checklist of things you like to do to get your bike ready? Need advice on how to go about it?We've got an "open … [Read more...]

Bike The Strike!

It looks like the TTC will be striking (if there isn't a deal reached this weekend) on Monday.Get your friends to Bike the Strike with you! Here's a handy guide for those who have never biked to work … [Read more...]

Slush Puppies: How to Enjoy Biking in the Winter

Just wanted to make sure I get a link up to a great article in the Post about Winter Cycling in Toronto called "Slush Puppies" from Spacing contributor Tammy Thorne:The non-stop snow doesn't mean much … [Read more...]

Winter Workshops at the Community Bicycle Network

The Community Bicycle Network started these last night, but theygo for the next 3 Wednesdays as well.Flat-fix / Basic Tune-up Workshop - Feb. 13, 7-10 pmWheel Building Workshop A - Feb. 20, 7-10 … [Read more...]

How-To: Plan A Summer Bicycle Trip

  It may be the middle of winter, but as TreeHugger points out, now is a great time to start planning your summer bike trips - if you're the type of person who likes "touring". TreeHugger … [Read more...]

Winter Biking in Toronto

In case anyone doesn't know about it yet, the City of Toronto is running a "Bike Winter" from December 1st to March 1st to encourage winter cycling in our great city.They've posted a handy-dandy … [Read more...]

"Wenches with Wrenches" Advanced Courses This Fall

Are you a member of the fairer sex who is already a pro at basic bike repair like fixing flats and adjusting your breaks? You'll want to check out a new series of Advanced Course from the lovely … [Read more...]

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