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INFRASTRUCTURE: Bloor East – Worst Separated Bike Lane Ever.


Generally, I keep Biking Toronto very positive and upbeat, but sometimes, some shaming needs to be done.   If you are not sure what the above is, it’s the eastbound Bloor East Separated Bikelane.  This photo was taken this morning. Monday, June 2nd, 2014. Does it look separated to you? Does it look like a […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Steer clear of the bike lane, it’s an endless cycle of frustration


The first tip off is the name: “bike lane.” It’s not a “car lane” or a “truck lane” or a “stroller lane” or a “jogging lane.” It’s not a “Purolator lane” or a “trucker-needs a-coffee-lane.” It’s not a “waiting-for-your-spouse-lane” or a “small-right-hand-passing-lane.” It’s a bike lane. It’s a lane that cyclists use to move about. […]

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NEWS: City of Toronto releases Cycling App to track cyclists trips and plan bike infrastructure

bike app icon222

New app to track bike trips from the City of Toronto.  I hold out hope that they’ll release the data via the OpenData initiative… but I fear that hope may be misplaced. The Toronto Cycling App is a new, free smartphone application that will enable cyclists to contribute to the future of cycling infrastructure in Toronto. […]

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10 fun things to do on a bike this summer in Toronto


Well, this list isn’t bad, but it’s very touring/racing oriented.  There’s a couple mountain biking things in there, and the closest thing to “normal” bike riding is the World Naked Bike Ride. I may have to do my own list up… stay tuned. Options to have fun on a bike in and around Toronto are […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: How are the new Wellesley St. bike lanes working out?


In a word, the new Wellesley “separated” bikelanes are “crappy”.   You can see the problem in the photo above… the bollards are too far apart.  They also weren’t installed on part of the curve on Wellesley between Jarvis and Sherbourne…. the absolute worst part of Wellesley for cars going into the bikelanes. I thought this […]

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INFRASTRUCTURE: John Street (temporarily) shows us how nice and cheap separated bikelanes can be.


Earlier this week, very briefly, Toronto’s most awesome separated bikelane existed on John St. downtown (photo above, via twitter user mhalperin). Those planters were put there by the Entertainment District BIA (PDF link) to extend the sidewalks (word is the road space will be filled with tables and chairs). While it’s unfortunate it’s not for […]

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STUFF: The Best Bike Stores in Toronto


BlogTO compiles their annual (?) list of what their readers think are the best bike shops in the city. The best bike stores in Toronto show considerable diversity in their areas of specialty. From the humble repair-focused shop to places that deal almost exclusively in race-ready road bikes, Toronto’s got it. In fact, for a […]

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OH YEAH: Was your black Cyclemania stolen recently? Here it is!


Missing a black Cyclemania?  This guy bought it off a theif for you.  Love stories like this! So I’m walking down the street and I oversee and overhear this guy offering another guy this bike for $10, I stop and look at the bike and it’s this sweet thing and I wonder what the heck […]

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WTF: Woman sues parents of cyclist she killed with her SUV


Via TreeHugger.  I have no words for the levels of disgust at this “person” I am experiencing right now. As astonishing evidence of the raw appeal of the robes of victimhood, the female motorist who struck and killed a teenage cyclist 18 months ago is now suing the estate of the dead boy for more […]

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NEWS: Cyclist killed in collision with transport truck


Toronto EMS confirmed that a man has been pronounced dead after a collision involving a transport truck at Dixie and Derry Roads. Read More: Cyclist killed in collision with transport truck Read More: Cyclist killed in collision with transport truck – Toronto – CBC News

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INFRASTRUCTURE: The top 5 bike trails in Toronto


Cycling trails in Toronto offer sanctuary from both vehicular traffic and the general hustle and bustle of city life. We are a city blessed with ravines, and that is a very good thing if you like to ride your bike off road. While Toronto is also endowed with a healthy number of bike paths, the […]

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NEWS: Province commits $25 million for cycling lanes


Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray has announced $25 million for cycling facilities on provincial highways and municipal roads over the next three years in an effort to make Ontario Canada’s premier cycling province. The money, the first that has been specifically set aside for biking in the provincial budget, will be for quick wins and pilot projects. […]

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NEWS: Separated Bike Lanes are coming to Eglinton!


Pardon my galactica, but holy frack, this is amazing.  It’s for stuff like this that I’m proud to be a CycleToronto member, and recommend membership to everyone I know. The City is redesigning the streetscape along Eglinton as part of the Eglinton Connects planning project. Amazingly, the City is recommending full, separated bike lanes for […]

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BlogTO compiles the Best Used Bike Shops in Toronto


The best used bike shops in Toronto offer a useful alternative to fending for yourself on Craigslist. While there’s certainly some premium involved in buying from a store rather than some dude in sweatpants, you tend to get what you pay for. If you know a whole lot about bike maintenance, it probably makes sense […]

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