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VISION ZERO: 5 cities Toronto could copy to improve road safety

Sixteen pedestrians have been killed on Toronto streets in 2016. That's 16 more people than John Tory would like. His aim is to bring those pedestrian fatalities to a halt, with zero by … [Read more...]

VISION ZERO: New York City’s Vision Zero program sets strong example for Toronto

Lessons from NYC, where their comprehensive Vision Zero campaign is seeing big results just a couple of years in... in 2015 New York saw the fewest deaths on their streets since they started keeping … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Atlanta Puts ONE BILLION DOLLARS Towards Bike and Pedestrian Projects

If you are wondering how Atlanta budgeting A BILLION DOLLARS over 25 years ($40 million/year) to make their city amazing stacks up against Toronto, our City Council will spend hours tomorrow wringing … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Paris Goes Car-Free First Sunday of Every Month

This is what "world class" cities do: The Paris Breathes campaign, responsible for implementing the program, blocks off 13 sections of the city at various times throughout the day. Sections are … [Read more...]

LESSON FOR TORONTO: Vancouver, BC is Totally Killing It With the Whole Biking Thing

In Toronto, *days* of City Council are spent discussing a 2 km *pilot* of a bike lane.  The (ultimately successful) *pilot* that had the support of 6 (!) residents associations,  the majority of … [Read more...]

ELSEWHERE: Vancouver to soon boast highest percentage of commuting cyclists in North America

This news is fitting right after the recent approval here in Toronto of a Bloor bike lane pilot. Vancouver, a city that has been (and continues to) investing in safe cycling infrastructure, is … [Read more...]

LISTEN: Janette Sadik-Khan’s Urban Revolution

Great audio from this morning's Metro Morning, where Jannette Sadik-Khan stopped by to talk about transforming NYC streets and how Toronto can catch up to the rest of the world.   She also has a new … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Building a New York street of mind in Toronto

Excellent and really simple-to-implement ideas from New York, where streets have been transformed into people-friendlier places in just a few years. Janette Sadik-Khan, the New York transportation … [Read more...]

GENIUS: Washington D.C. Offers a $5 Annual Bike Share Membership for Low-Income Residents

While Toronto is "looking at ways to make public transit more affordable" via a survey, D.C. is going all in and joining Boston and Chicago in doing an insanely genius thing and making bike sharing … [Read more...]

FOOLISH: Google introduces self-driving bicycle in the Netherlands

How did I miss this foolish thing on Friday? Great job. The self-driving bicycle enables safe navigation through the city for Amsterdam residents, and furthers Google’s ambition to improve urban … [Read more...]

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