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EVENT: Thurs, Feb 27 – Public Meeting on contraflow bike lanes on Argyle-Florence

Attend a public meeting to support contraflow bike lanes on Argyle-Florence! This proposed bikeway will connect Brock St to Shaw St and help create a better bike network in the west end.The meeting will take place Thurs Feb 27 from 6-8pm at Alexander Muire/Gladstone Public School, 108 Gladstone Ave. 
Here’s the City’s posting: http://cycleto.ca/sites/default/files/Argyle-Florence.pdf

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EVENT: Feb. 22 – Icycle Race 2014

Ice Bike Races

Saturday Feb 22nd 7-10pm Dufferin Grove Ice Rink After party @ Bike Pirates

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EVENT: Tues, Feb. 18 – Public Meeting on contraflow bikelane on Dixon Avenue (Kingston Road and Dundas St. East)


Date:  Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – 19:00 – 20:30

 Toronto’s Dundas St. East bicycle lanes help cyclists in the east end of town feel safer when traveling on the road. Unfortunately, these bicycle lanes currently end at Kingston Road, a major arterial roadway with high volumes of fast moving motor vehicle traffic. When cycling westbound, road users are able to access Dundas St. E from Dixon Ave., however, because Dixon Ave. is designated as a one way street, it is currently not lawful to travel in an eastbound direction on this roadway.


Beaches Recreation Centre
Toronto, Ontario


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$600 Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane gets Minneapolis Excited


Minneapolis is testing out a protected bike lane system using popup protected bike lanes.   It’s cheap, it’s easy… and it should be ALL OVER Toronto.

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Coldest Day of the Year ride photos


Cycle Toronto hosted the annual “Coldest Day of the Year” ride this year, and on Saturday, February 1, around noon, a pretty big group of cyclists rode with a police escort from Queen’s Park to Dufferin Grove Park, where they enjoyed hot chocolate and good company by the campfire next to the Dufferin Grove skating rink.

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