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OH YEAH: 10 Hints You Secretly Want to Stop Driving and Start Cycling

Wonderful list!  Must read for this (almost spring) Friday. As with most of our habits, we have forgotten why we are doing them a long time ago. And when we do get asked about the why, we come up with all sorts of arbitrary reasoning. When it comes to our daily commute or any other […]

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Cycle Toronto AGM is on March 26th. Meet the Board Candidates.


I’ve been a member of Cycle Toronto for a few years, but have never been to an AGM due to either forgetting or scheduling conflicts.  Maybe this year is the year I pop my AGM cherry? The list of board candidates for their upcoming AGM on March 26 at Round has been released (PDF).  Check it […]

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Bicycle Friendly School discussions a big success


The other day Cycle Toronto shared the above photo of over 40 people that came out to discuss strategies for creating bike friendly schools. Great work Cycle Toronto.  It’s criminal that the simple pleasure of riding a bike to school every day is one that so many kids miss out on. via: Cycle Toronto’s Facebook […]

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EVENT: Contraflow bikelane public meetings on Mar. 4 and 6


via the CycleToronto facebook page Contraflow bike lanes give bikes their own lane to go against the flow of traffic on a one-way street. So on a westbound one-way street, both bikes and cars can go west using the regular lane, but bikes can also go east using the contraflow bike lane. Adding contraflow bike […]

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How Much Do You Know About Your Hubs?


  Dandyhorse has a new “MECHANICS” post up.  This one is all about hubs. Check it out. Hubs are arguably the most important component on a bicycle. Every bicycle has them, no matter what size, type or purpose. The hub, together with the spokes and rim, form the complete wheel. Onto the wheel the tire […]

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EVENT: Thurs, Feb 27 – Public Meeting on contraflow bike lanes on Argyle-Florence


Attend a public meeting to support contraflow bike lanes on Argyle-Florence! This proposed bikeway will connect Brock St to Shaw St and help create a better bike network in the west end.The meeting will take place Thurs Feb 27 from 6-8pm at Alexander Muire/Gladstone Public School, 108 Gladstone Ave.  Here’s the City’s posting: http://cycleto.ca/sites/default/files/Argyle-Florence.pdf Read more: […]

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EVENT: Feb. 22 – Icycle Race 2014

Ice Bike Races

Saturday Feb 22nd 7-10pm Dufferin Grove Ice Rink After party @ Bike Pirates Read more: Bike Pirates

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EVENT: Tues, Feb. 18 – Public Meeting on contraflow bikelane on Dixon Avenue (Kingston Road and Dundas St. East)


Date:  Tuesday, February 18, 2014 – 19:00 – 20:30  Toronto’s Dundas St. East bicycle lanes help cyclists in the east end of town feel safer when traveling on the road. Unfortunately, these bicycle lanes currently end at Kingston Road, a major arterial roadway with high volumes of fast moving motor vehicle traffic. When cycling westbound, road […]

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$600 Pop-Up Protected Bike Lane gets Minneapolis Excited


  Minneapolis is testing out a protected bike lane system using popup protected bike lanes.   It’s cheap, it’s easy… and it should be ALL OVER Toronto. Read more: TreeHugger

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Coldest Day of the Year ride photos


Cycle Toronto hosted the annual “Coldest Day of the Year” ride this year, and on Saturday, February 1, around noon, a pretty big group of cyclists rode with a police escort from Queen’s Park to Dufferin Grove Park, where they enjoyed hot chocolate and good company by the campfire next to the Dufferin Grove skating rink. Read […]

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Cycle Toronto searching for a Membership & Ward Advocacy Manager


Cycle Toronto seeks a Membership & Ward Advocacy Manager to oversee the growth and success of these cornerstones of our organization. We seek a dynamic, motivated self-starter to help us reach our 2014 membership goal of 3,000 members and grow our Ward Advocacy Program to 23 active groups across Toronto.   Our ideal candidate is detail-oriented and […]

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Review: Shaw Street bike route


It has been a rather trying winter for cyclists in Toronto. Besides the unseasonably cold temperatures, the snow and ice has made cycling difficult. Bike lanes are left partly or completely snow-covered — only the occasional thaw manages to clear the lanes. But during one of those few days this winter where the snow had a chance […]

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Can We Become a Civilized Cycling Society?


Excellent short piece in Momentum Magazine by Mia Kahout: For North America to accept and integrate bicycle use into our transportation systems it is important to understand what is standing in the way. To this day, we are faced with a biased mainstream media portrayal of cycling. We are faced with politicians pandering to people […]

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10 Myths About Women and Cycling

10 Myths Women and Cycling Infographic

via Momentum Magazine via The League of American Bicyclists

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Bike couriers talk strike action


Bike couriers talk strike action against a uniquely bad industry Can you picture the city’s bike couriers putting down their kickstands and walking off the job? Well, they probably can’t yet either. That’s why Canadian Union of Postal Workers Local 104 is putting a war chest together – all the better to embolden the bike-mounted […]

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