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BIKES MEAN BUSINESS: Real Estate by Bike

Very cool business!  Great way to learn about a neighbourhood before buying into it is to bike it. Which of the following doesn’t belong: Circus drummer, stilter, vegetarian, cyclist, real estate … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! 77 per cent of Parkdale shoppers get around by active transportation

Yet more data about how active transportation is responsible for most business, and business owners don't even know it. “They (businesses) tend to consistently over estimate how many customers … [Read more...]

EVENT: Tues, Mar. 29 – Urbane Cyclist Celebrates 19 Years and new Location

  The new Urbane Cyclist store is wonderful.  Those big southern-facing windows make it nice and bright and sunshine-y inside. Promotions for the grand opening at 280 College include Cycle … [Read more...]

EVENT: Tues, Mar. 29 – Urbane Cyclist Worker Co-op’s Grand Opening Celebration

via Cycle Toronto: Urbane Cyclist is celebrating its 19th birthday and grand re-opening at 280 College St, just west of Spadina To celebrate, Urbane Cyclist is offering these amazing in-store … [Read more...]

DIY: The New BikeSauce location is renovated!

The new BikeSauce location has been renovated.  Go by and check it out at 341 Broadview Avenue (just south of Gerrard).  It's the east end's bike DIY co-op, where you can learn how to fix your own … [Read more...]

OH YEAH: Cycle Tourism is Great for the Economy

Bikes benefit everyone. Studies have been proving for years that bicyclists are good for business. Cycling customers are more likely to linger, make spur-of-the-moment decisions and purchases, and … [Read more...]

EVENT: Thurs, Jan. 14 – Bike Lanes Mean Business

Thursday, January 14; 7 PM Ciro's House of Imported Bier Address: 1316 Bloor St W Join us for an evening discussing the positive economic impacts on business that bike lanes have proven to be! … [Read more...]

HELP WANTED: Top 5 Reasons to be a FEAST Bike Server

Bike delivery services are popping up everywhere these days.  ONe of the newest ones, FEAST, is hiring.  I have it on good authority that they are working on some amazing custom cargo bikes for food … [Read more...]

SHOP: Dream Cyclery – a new bike shop on Eglinton West

This new bike store on Eglinton West is the culmination of owner Linus Kwak's dream to open a service-oriented shop that puts to use his years of skill building wheels and designing parts. It's a … [Read more...]

MUST READ: Every Study Ever about the impact of Bike Lanes on Business

Oh yes. Read.  Share. Print-out and leave copies around your workplace, in local coffee shops.  Post on bulletin boards.  Email copies to every politician you know or have heard of. Here's the thing … [Read more...]