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Most Popular – April 2012

Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages on BikingToronto during April 2012. Bikelane Map - yeah! a map of Toronto’s bikelanes! Meet a fellow Cyclist and Her I Bike T.O. Shirt Should the Toronto Cyclists Union change their name to Cycle Toronto? How To - how to do stuff regarding your bike! Winter […]

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I Bike T.O. Profile: Elli

I Bike T.O. Shirt - Elli Garlin

(Cross-posted to the I Bike T.O. Blog) Over on the BikingToronto Flickr Group, I always look for great photos of bikes and cyclists around Toronto (I’m looking into ways of highlighting these on the blog more, quickly and easily) but what I love to find is someone just rockin’ one of the I Bike T.O. […]

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2012 Changes for BikingToronto

Photo by 'Xander Labayen of 416CycleStyle

I started making some changes to BikingToronto yesterday.  These are changes I’ve been thinking about for a while. You’ll notice the following design changes: 1. New title logo. Big. Bright. Simple. Sassy. 2. Less clutter. I cleaned stuff up… something I try to do once a year at least. I try to refocus on what […]

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Introducing The News Cycle


I’m going to start a new feature here on BikingToronto… something I’m going to call “The News Cycle”. There is always so much happening in Toronto related to bikes that I sometimes don’t get a chance to blog about it (you can usually find everything on the BikingToronto Facebook Page or Twitter Feed though), and […]

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BikingToronto has 7,000+ Followers on Twitter!


Wow.  Last week we passed 7,000 followers over on Twitter. Our followers include tons of Toronto people, as well as bike-related accounts from all over the “Twitter-verse”… which allows BikingToronto to not only keep them updated on the stuff happening in Toronto, but also helps keep us informed on what’s going on. Looking back, our […]

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Save $5 on “Choose Bike” or “Bike Nation” Shirts!


Zazzle,the online company we’ve made two of our recent shirts with (“Choose Bike” and “Bike Nation“) is having a promo on shirts today (Wed) and tomorrow (Thurs). Any shirt can be bought for $5 cheaper just by using the code “STYLEBTSTEES” when you check out, so now’s your chance to get either of these two […]

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1,000 Fans/Likes on Facebook!


Woot!  It was only 2 months ago that we were posting about having 800 fans on facebook (and 4 months before that, 600), but we just hit 1,000 fans today! If you haven’t liked us on Facebook yet, you should.  It’s a great way to get links about news and the other fun stuff on […]

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Showing off an I Bike T.O. Shirt Winner!


You may remember that a few weeks ago we ran a “Twitter 5000″ contest to celebrate having 5000 followers on Twitter.  5 lucky people won I Bike T.O. shirts – @minx2012 @DavidDuttonCA @Peejaay18 @creativaty and @Lola_318 All the shirts have been ordered, and are starting to be delivered to the winners.   @Lola_318 did us […]

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Win Passes to the Green Living Show!


The GreenLiving Show is this weekend, and if you’re interested in making your life a little greener, then this is the show for you.  GreenLiving concentrates on practical and doable lifestyle changes that help the environment, even if it’s just a little. The Green Living Show is Canada’s largest green consumer show dedicated to educating […]

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Most Popular – March 2011


We fell of the monthly popular thing in January and February, but we’re back ! Determined purely by page views, we give you the Top 25 Most Popular pages from March 2011. Yonge Street to be Pedestrian and Bike-Friendly? BikeMonth is ALIVE and WELL for 2011! Twitter 5000 Contest Bikelane Map How Do You Solve […]

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