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BikeFriday: What’s on for August 31st

Great stuff happening in BikeFriday land We’ve got all the crazy bikepools / group commutes happening (I’ll list them below) all over Toronto (but you can add yours too, if you want), but here’s a few events you’ll want to check out: Grassroot’s Bikers Breakfast: 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM Hop on your bike and […]

BikeFriday Rocks, on MTV Live!

While the next BikeFriday is less than two weeks away (Friday, August 31st), the last one saw a new event take place at Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles… a breakfast with homemade muffins and fairtrade coffee, as well as Alex and Jesse from the City’s BUG program there providing lots of bike literature about City cycling […]

Two Weeks Until BikeFriday on August 31st!

BikeFriday started a year ago in August 2006. This month it’s on the 31st. Are you ready? Here’s what is going on: BikePools / Group CommutesThe concept is simple – let’s meet up in groups and ride to work together. Biking to work can sometimes be dangerous – but it’s safer when you ride with […]

The July 27th Edition of BikeFriday!

This friday is the 12th monthly BikeFriday! There’s a lot of good stuff going on, so here’s a quick run-down for you: Free Breakfast on Roncy! Free Breakfast on the Danforth!Hop on your bike and find some two-wheeled solidarity this Friday among the folks at Grassroots-Danforth (372 Danforth Ave. at Chester), for our monthly “Biker […]

New Map on BikeFriday!

This friday is the 12th monthly BikeFriday! Last friday I added a new feature to the BikeFriday site – a map that has all the group commutes / bikepools on it. There are little green bike icons at all the start points. I’ve also put a red marker at the Grassroots-Annex store, as I think […]

BikeFriday in the Mississauga News!

A couple articles appeared in the Mississauga News before and after the most recent BikeFriday (June 29th, 2007). Here they are for your reading enjoyment. Pre-BikeFriday: Pedal pushers back in style When a large group of cyclists wend their way from Riverwood to City Hall this Friday in an historic ride, Smart Commute Mississauga’s Glenn […]

Tomorrow is BikeFriday

Tomorrow is the 11th monthly BikeFriday… we’ve been doing it every last Friday of the month since August 2006… and now it’s starting to pick up. We’ve got BikePools / GroupCommutes all over the city, and even the City of Mississauga is getting in on the fun! If you haven’t been to the BikeFriday site […]

Mississauga Embraces BikeFriday!

Great news out of the city just west of Toronto! The City of Mississauga and Smart Commute Mississauga is embracing the last Friday of every month as BikeFriday – with the inaugural ride (and breakfast!) scheduled for this Friday, June 29th! All the details can be found on the Smart Commute site as well, but […]

Photos from the Grassroots Bikers Breakfast

I stopped by the Grassroots – Danforth store for their Bikers Breakfast. There was a good turnout during the 10 minutes I was there, and I heard that last weeks (at their Annex store) was packed with people too. Here are the few photos I snapped while I drank coffee before continuing on to work.

BikeFriday – June 8th Edition

While officially, BikeFriday is the last Friday of every month, there’s enough momentum out there that there are things starting to happen every friday: The Schedule for tomorrow, June 8th:Martino’s Bloor West BikePool meets at Bloor W. and High Park for a nice jaunt downtown along Bloor. Meet at 8 AM. Joe’s Danforth BikePool meets […]

BikeFriday, Every Friday

Although our fancy BikeFriday graphic says “The Last Friday of Every Month”, well, it’s just too fun to keep the BikeFriday fun to one day a month. Here’s a couple BikePools going tomorrow morning. Feel free to join up at the start or along the way. Martino’s Bloor West 8 AM BikePoolMeet at 8 AM […]

Meet me at Danforth & Woodbine, 8 AM, Friday

As you may have seen in this morning’s BikeFriday post – I’ll be riding from Danforth & Woodbine at 8 AM tomorrow morning. Everyone is welcome to join me. Look for the blue windbreaker on the northwest corner (or, if it’s warm, a blue I Bike T.O. shirt.

Tomorrow is BikeFriday!

Wow, May has gone by really fast! Be sure and join up with one of the BikeFriday BikePools tomorrow morning… And there’s of course the Tooker Ride at 5:30 PM, Critical Mass at 6:30 (Bloor & Spadina), Critical Ass at 10:30 (Bloor & Spadina, with less clothes), and the BikeWeek Movie Night at Yonge & […]

One Week Until BikeFriday

Yup, only a week to go before May’s BikeFriday … just in time for BikeWeek! Don’t wait until the city-sponsored Group Commute on Monday, May 28th to ride with others… you can find others going your way on other days too. Martino (he of the famous BikeLaneDiary) is a great example. Not content with a […]

Two Weeks Until May’s BikeFriday!

In just two weeks, right at the start of BikeWeek, on May25th… BikeFriday rolls again. The BikePools: 7:00 AM – Parliament & Carlton(to Victoria Park & Gordon Baker Road, via Parliament, Bloor East, Broadview, Cosburn, Woodbine, O’Connor, Eglinton East, Birchmount, McNicoll and Vic Park to Gordon Baker Road)7:30 AM – Yonge & Major Mackenzie(to Hwy […]

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