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INFRASTRUCTURE: Separated bikelanes failing. Big time.

Hmmm… do we need bollards on separated bikelanes?  Or is paint enough?  This is a real tough one, isn’t it?

via: Twitter / mfp1971: Is this legal? #biketo

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Cyclist And Tram

via Cyclist And Tram | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.

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NEWS: Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon hit by car while biking

This story is only in the Sun right now, so I’m linking to it bregrudgingly.  The comments are horrible.

Glad to hear Mary-Margaret is okay.  She’s one of the few politicians in Toronto (or anywhere) that give me hope for this city.

A man has been charged with careless driving after Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon got knocked off her bike and sent to hospital.

The bike-loving councillor was riding south on Woodbine Ave. crossing Gerrard St. on Sunday when she was hit and left lying on the street just before 11 a.m.

“I’m all banged up on my left side but I’m surprised I can walk away – it could have been a lot worse,” McMahon told the Sun on Tuesday.

McMahon – who is running for re-election – said she was being her “classic, cautious, Mary Poppins, cyclist self” when the incident happened.

“The light had just changed and next thing I knew I had a passenger side door right at my handlebar and so I yelled, I screamed and then thump, the back of the car hit me and tossed me off onto Woodbine,” McMahon said. “I was lying there on Woodbine and thankfully no one ran over me.”

More: Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon hit by car | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Downtown Yonge BIA replacing/expanding bike racks


I need to try these out to see if they are usable.  Similar ones in Yorkville are a little difficult to lock your bike to.  These look a little different though… so let’s hope it’s easier.

The Downtown Yonge BIA is implementing the next stage of their bike parking strategy. Starting August 3-6th, 51 City of Toronto Bicycle Locking Rings will be removed and replaced with 88 BIA bike racks. The area most affected by removals is Dundas St W (between Yonge St and Bay St.). Total capacity will increase by 37 racks across the BIA. See the Downtown Yonge BIA’s Bike Parking Strategy here: http://bit.ly/1la1Jeo. Please ensure your bike is removed by the date on the removal sign. You can contact 311 if you have any questions.

via City of Toronto Facebook Group

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OH YEAH: BikingToronto has 6000 posts. So what?


I just went into the admin of the site, planning out some of the posts that will appear on the site tomorrow, when I realized that the “Published Posts” counter stood at 5,999!

So, this is post 6000.  After about 8.5 years (since January 2006).  That’s about 2 posts a day, for 3000 days.  Holy moly.


This is what I’ve learned after 6,000 posts:

Running the site makes me happy.  I like exploring new ways of getting biking news and events and whatever out to people.  I know I’m doing my small part in making Toronto a bike-friendlier place, however long it takes.

I work smarter now, not harder.  Making sure there is always something new and interesting on Biking Toronto is daily job, but I mainly work on it for a little bit every evening.  There are tools out on the internet that can make a blogger’s life so much easier.

I’m always up for new things.   I regularly work on the design of site to add usefulness for readers, like working on ways for you to discover posts you may have missed (I understand there’s a lot of other interesting stuff on the internet)… but I also always have ideas for interesting events or ways to bring cyclists together and build community.  This last part I need your help with.  I’m at heart a shy and introverted guy… but am always pushing myself outward because I think people are good, overall, and more importantly, interesting.  I want to meet more of you people biking Toronto.

Going forward, let’s try new things.

I’m testing a system that will let anyone (well, except spammers) post on bikingtoronto.  The spam control is a huge thing.  I used to have user accounts and blogs on here, but it got to be too much work controlling and banning spanners (even with lots of spam controls).  I’m also going to try to be personally more involved with Cycle Toronto and the great Ward advocacy they have going.  Let’s see if I can.  Being a father and husband and homeowner and dayjob worker takes up most of my time… but let’s try and carve a little more out to have a little more bike fun.

What do you say?

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