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NEWS: Adelaide Press Conference Missing Key Element


What do you call it when politicians have a press conference for separated bikelanes that are not separated?   These people seem to think (wrong, oh so wrongly) that some stripes of paint on the ground keep cars and trucks out of bikelanes.  Get some planters there… some bollards… ANYTHING will do… even statues of Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong (pictured above, at mic… an anti-bike councillor being duplicitous).  We could paint them all funky and make them into art.

Adelaide cycle track opening this morning. Good start, but separation between cars and bikes is essential.

via Cycle Toronto Facebook Page.

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PHOTO OF THE DAY: Helmet Wings

via Helmet Wings | Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

See this and 7,000+ other amazing bike photos in the Biking Toronto Flickr Group.

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INFRASTRUCTURE: Simcoe finally gets some bollards!

Well… this is good.  Simcoe’s very short bikelane now has some separation! Actual bollards!  That actually may keep vehicles out of there (hopefully).

@TO_Transport has installed bollards to Simcoe Pilot Cycle Track, southbound Wellington-Front

via Twitter / TO_Cycling: @TO_Transport has installed ….

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WANTED: Help for Open Streets TO


Open Streets is coming to Toronto on Sunday, Aug. 17, and Sunday, Aug. 31!  Stretches of Bloor and Yonge are OPENING up to the public… letting these streets realize their full potential without cars taking over.

But, Open Streets needs help.  Please consider helping them out (more information at this link) with:

Information Aids

  • Answer questions for volunteers and participants at a designated information booth

  • Volunteer check-in & out

  • Handle lost & found

  • Handle lost children & parents

  • Keep records and organize paperwork

  • Liaise with First Aid Responders in emergency situations


  • Responsible for oversight of a “hard closed” street

  • Point of contact for participants as they enter the route

  • Assist with set-up & take-down of barricades

  • Ensure unauthorized vehicles do not enter the route

  • Answer questions as necessary

  • Assist “Route Rocket” volunteers with entrance & exit of authorized vehicles

Route Rockets

  • Circulate through a portion of the route for the duration of Open Streets TO

  • Ensure stub streets & intersections are staffed with appropriate number of volunteers

  • Routinely check on “Ambassadors” & “Intersection Monitors”, offering biology breaks, answering questions, etc

  • Advise participants and volunteers of the beginning & end of Open Streets TO

  • Respond to emergency situations via communication with Command Centre

  • Assist with entrance & exit of authorized vehicles

** Requires use of your personal bicycle

Early Risers

  • Assist with route set-up

  • Assist with Activity Hub set-up

  • Assist with operations & logistics set-up

Intersection Monitors 

  • Stop participants & keep them safe while police officers allow traffic to cross Open Streets TO route

  • Provide detour information as necessary

  • Answer questions as necessary

via Cycle Toronto Facebook Page

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EVENTS: Check out a Tune-Up Tuesday

On my way home last night I was able to stop at a Cycle Toronto Tune-Up Tuesday on Bloor East across from Castle Frank Station.

I forgot to get photos of the friendly people who helped me address a couple small problems with my bike (I’m not a gearhead), but I’ve included the ones I did take below.

Try to check one out.  Not only will they help you with mechanical aspects of your bike, but they’ll talk to you about what Cycle Toronto is working on now (like Minimum Grid!).  Thanks to Kyla, Meredith and Rick for helping me out.

Here are the August and September dates and locations for Tune-Up Tuesday. It’s always from 5-8pm.

  • Aug. 5 – w/ Urbane Cyclist at the Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Aug. 12 – w/ Sweet Pete’s at the College / Shaw Library
  • Aug. 19 – w/ Bateman’s Bicycle Company at Poplar Plains
  • Aug. 26 – w/ Sweet Pete’s at Castlefrank / Bloor East
  • Sept. 2 - w/ Urbane Cyclist at the Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Sept. 9 - w/ Sweet Pete’s at the College / Shaw Library
  • Sept. 16 – w/ Bateman’s Bicycle Company at Poplar Plains
  • Sept. 23 – w/ Sweet Pete’s at Castlefrank / Bloor East










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