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VISION ZERO: It’s time to rise above road rage, Toronto

Great piece in the Star about how Toronto wants to be "World Class" but is unwilling to make itself safe for people, basically. As Toronto is attempting to position itself as a progressive, global … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto cyclists talk ‘dangerous’ streetcar tracks

Streetcar tracks. They criss-cross the city, forming the backbone of Toronto’s downtown transportation network. They also strike terror into the heart of local cyclists. A recent study showed one … [Read more...]

INFRASTRUCTURE: The sidepath – a solution for suburban cycling infrastructure

Bike lanes, which offer less protection from motorized traffic at least are integrated with the rest of the street grid, and are generally more direct. But on fast-moving suburban arterial roads, they … [Read more...]

OH YEAH! Introducing the Bad Girls Bike Club!

The other day on Instagram (are you following @bikingtoronto there yet?) I came across some fun posts from the Bad Girls Bike Club (@badgirlsbikeclub) and was pleased to learn they are here in … [Read more...]

NEWS: Toronto cyclist accidents highlight need for new measures in road safety

Physically separated bike lanes, protected intersections and dedicated rights-of-way for streetcars could help prevent injuries on tracks, the study suggests. “I hope it will help to identify … [Read more...]

NEWS: Streetcar tracks major cause of serious downtown cycling crashes, new study finds

The study, by researchers at Ryerson University and the University of British Columbia, found that about a third of all serious bike crashes that took place in downtown Toronto were caused when … [Read more...]

NEWS: Bloor bike lane construction begins next week

Cyclists could be buzzing along Bloor Street in protected bike lanes as early as mid-August. The city announced Monday that construction on the long-awaited bike lane pilot will begin Aug. 2. … [Read more...]

NEWS: Cyclist struck by police cruiser in Scarborough

A cyclist is in hospital with serious head and upper body injuries after a collision involving a police cruiser in Scarborough. The collision happened after midnight along Kennedy Road near … [Read more...]

OH YEAH!  Bloor Bike Lane Installation to start on Aug. 2!

Get ready to ride Toronto!  Ride these as much as you can, and shop your hearts out at Bloor businesses on this stretch!  The city is measuring everything (as well they should). Let's make every … [Read more...]

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Bike On The Run!

Source: Original photo - by "Fishin" Rod (off and on) on Flickr. Entry for Larawang Pinoy Assignment WK2 on Shutter Speed Creativity IN EXPLORE via Flickr. More Photos: Check out … [Read more...]

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