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OPINION: Moving forward for bike lanes on Bloor-Danforth

Check out this Opinion-Editorial by Albert Koehl and Michael Black on Dandyhorse

Albert Koehl is an environmental lawyer, founder of Bells on Bloor, and Vice Chair of the Annex Residents Association. Michael Black is the 2016 TCAT Champion of the Year, member of Bells on Bloor, and a founder of Walk Toronto.

“City Hall has now released its preferred option for a pilot bike lane on Bloor Street. This option was the topic of a public drop-in on the evening of March 9, 2016 at the Trinity-St. Paul Centre. There are strong opinions in the community for and against the option – but one thing is for sure: after decades of fighting about if Bloor should have a bike lane, it’s nice to be fighting about what that bike lane should look like…”

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