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OLD MAN YELLS AT CLOUD: Bike lanes make no sense in winter


Today in humour:  A driver gets ranty that bikelanes exist, because anything in his way is evil.  His rationale is that because less cyclists use bikelanes in the winter, they shouldn’t exist.   I guess we can use that logic to pave over Toronto’s beaches and golf courses too.  Instant parking lots!

This is pretty standard Mike Strobel uninformed stuff.  Check out the article if only to scroll down and vote that bikelanes are awesome in the totally scientific internet poll.

Looking for a little peace and quiet in the Big Smoke? Some alone time? I know just the place. A bike lane.For an hour Wednesday afternoon, photographer Jack Boland and I comb the growing web of lanes downtown, looking for cyclists.Slim pickings.For years, the two-wheeled whiners of the bicycult have demanded — and got — more than their share of road space.

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