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UPDATE: The Viaduct Bikelane is closed and an awesome temporary one has been created


SUPERB news from the City of Toronto.  After a construction contractor improperly closed the Bloor Viaduct bikelane (one of the few options for east end cyclists to cross the Don Valley) and put up signs advising cyclists to merge with very very fast motor vehicle traffic, myself and other cyclists in the city were obviously upset.  Much credit goes to Jared Kolb of Cycle Toronto for liaising with city staff quickly about this, and credit to city staff for making sure this was rectified within a day.  The Viaduct now includes temporary bikelanes made with barrel pylons that close off a motor vehicle lane to allow cyclists to use it exclusively while construction is going on.

This should be the situation until the late fall (they are working on drainage issues – to try and fix the large crazy puddles that form in the bikelanes after every big rainstorm and I believe there’s also work being done to add lighting to the structure of the Viaduct in time for the PanAm Games next summer).

BUT, let’s keep an eye on this.  They’ll have to work on the westbound side of the Viaduct eventually… so let’s make sure they keep it safe for cyclists.


Workzone has now been installed for work by the City’s Engineering and Construction Services Division to the viaduct – the eastbound curb lane has been barreled off

via City of Toronto Cycling Facebook Group.