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UPDATE: Bloor Viaduct bikelanes closed (temporary ones coming?)

Bloor Viaduct Bikelane Closures

Photo courtesy of Jared of Cycle Toronto

Last night I posted about an unacceptable situation unfolding on the Bloor Viaduct.  Construction barricades have been set up to perform work on the bridge (nature of the work detailed a bit below), with signs that cyclists should “share the road” with motor traffic.

Anyone who has biked the Viaduct knows that “sharing the road” is NOT an option here, with cars and giant trucks regular speeding and going at speeds close to 80 km/h, if not faster.

Thankfully, I let Jared of Cycle Toronto know about this situation as soon as I got home and he talked to Transportation Services early this morning.

They’ve replied (and tweeted) with this good news:

The work being undertaken on the Bloor Viaduct is a project being delivered by the City’s Engineering and Construction Services (ECS) Division (not the Transportation Services Division). Transportation is communicating with ECS to get the latest news on the setup for the Bloor Viaduct workzone, including the deployment of barrels to create an alternate space for cycling, while the bicycle lane is closed. 

On a positive note, the work being undertaken includes work to the catch basins and drainage pipes for this structure. Hopefully, this work will help to address flooding issues which may result from blockages in the catch basins/drainage pipes.

I’ll be out of town for the next 10 days, with limited/no internet access, so I’ll be checking this situation as soon as I get back to down to make sure it’s rectified.  This is a vital link for anyone who bikes in the east end.

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