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NEWS: Transportation Services refuses to follow Council direction to install protected bike lanes



NOTE: Send your requests for adequate separation during this pilot project to Transportation Services managers Stephen Buckley sbuckle@toronto.ca, Dan Egan degan@toronto.ca, Lukasz Pawlowski lpawlow@toronto.ca along with Public Works and Infrastructure Committee pwic@toronto.ca and for good measure include 311@toronto.ca.


What happens when Toronto City Council votes to install protected bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide?  Well, in Toronto, the city staff in charge of installing don’t finish the job, and suggest they don’t have to finish the job by putting in the most important part of separated bikelanes – the separation (curbs, or flex-bollards, or anything).   This is also happening on Bloor East and Wellesley and Sherbourne.

Cycle Toronto has a great synopsis:

In June 2014, Toronto City Council unanimously approved a pilot project for cycle tracks on Richmond St, Adelaide St and Simcoe St and painted bike lanes on Peter St by a vote of 39-0. The City of Toronto defines cycle tracks as “separate lanes for bicycles that are adjacent to the roadway, but separated from vehicular traffic”. The installation on Adelaide St, however, is not separated, but instead a painted buffer strip.

Cycle Toronto is pleased to see the progress on installation of the pilot project for cycle tracks on Richmond St & Adelaide St but is deeply concerned about the City of Toronto’s Transportation Services Division’s apparent lack of commitment to physical separation. The repeated quotes in the media from staff of Transportation Services that separation may not be necessary are surprising and show an approach contrary to the direction Council gave which was to create a network of separated bicycle lanes in downtown Toronto.

Read More:  Transportation Services refuses to follow Council direction to install separated bike lanes | Cycle Toronto.

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