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NEWS: Toronto not separating Richmone and Adelaide bike lanes despite council vote

NOTE: Send your requests for adequate separation during this pilot project to Transportation Services managers Stephen Buckley sbuckle@toronto.ca, Dan Egan degan@toronto.ca, Lukasz Pawlowski lpawlow@toronto.ca along with Public Works and Infrastructure Committee pwic@toronto.ca and for good measure include 311@toronto.ca.


Hey… did you know that if you work for the city, and City Council says “do something“, you can turn around say “Well, I may do that… or I may test out some other ways of doing it?” even though YOU did the research of what works and presented that to Council.

If YOUR boss said “Hey, do this!” and you said “Yeah, maybe… I’ll think about it”… h0w would that go?

Buckley acknowledged that the current lane is probably best defined as a “buffered bike lane,” not the cycle track council voted for. But he noted that council also “voted for a pilot.”In a pilot project, he said, his department has the flexibility to experiment and see what works. He said he has asked his staff to “play with some things” and closely monitor the results.

“There’s folks out there that — they want what they want. And they have in their mind what they want. And I’ll say I think that the folks should trust the civil servants that are working on this, and let us sort of try new things. Which is the whole point of doing a pilot,” Buckley said.

Jared Kolb, Cycle Toronto’s executive director, said council did not give Buckley the freedom to decide whether or not to erect a physical barrier. Council’s language, he said, is “very clear”: the city is to create a separated lane.

via Toronto officials not separating Adelaide bike lane despite council vote | Toronto Star.