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NEWS: Stolen bike listing touted for Toronto

The Star has picked this up.  It’s still a fairly young idea, but maybe with a bit of effort we can truly harness the web and social media to put a big dent in bike thefts.  Or, at least, help recover some bikes.

The feel-good stories always create a buzz: the Toronto woman who turned to Twitter to find her stolen bike, another woman who bought a stolen bike and then harnessed the power of social media to find its rightful owner.

But for every happy story and viral campaign, there are many more that fall flat, campaigns that garner only one or two retweets and bikes that are never found.

“The vast majority of stolen bike posts on Facebook and Craigslist are seen by relatively few people,” says Joe Travers of BikingToronto, who’s trying to create a stolen bike listing.

Read more: Stolen bike listing touted for Toronto | Toronto Star.

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