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NEWS: Security guards cutting locks, confiscating bikes outside Hudson’s Bay Centre

It’s never boring in Toronto.  This is galling (locked up bikes “block pedestrians”?  Anyone who knows this corner knows there is a giant sidewalk and a bike locked to the TTC sign does not block anything), and I would not be surprised if a bunch of cyclists lock their bikes up there all at once… just to see what happens.

After finding her bike missing, she I noticed a security camera nearby that she believed would have captured the bike thief in the act. So she approached a security guard standing outside the Hudson’s Bay Centre and told him about the theft.

That’s when the security guard, who works for Brookfield Office Properties, told her he removed her bike from the pole by cutting the lock.

The pole, despite the TTC signage, is private property, and the Brookfield security has been routinely cutting locks and confiscating bikes from the pole.

Three locks were cut and bikes impounded on Wednesday alone.

Security told CBC News bicycles are removed because of safety concerns. The pole is next to roadway and can block pedestrians.

Read more: Security guards cutting locks, confiscating bikes outside Hudson’s Bay Centre – Toronto – CBC News.

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