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NEWS: Had your bike stolen from Yonge & Bloor? The thief may be Brookfield Properties.

This is getting crazier and crazier.  How long has Brookfield Properties been doing this?  How many people have lost their bikes after parking them legally and on public property? Brookfield has just been cutting locks off and confiscating the bikes and not notifying anyone.

Ferguson was able to get her bike back but wants to get reimbursed for the lock, which she said cost about $150. She says Brookfield hasn’t responded to her.

She thinks security must have some sort of tool to cut through heavy-duty locks and she says one of the security guards told her they get several angry cyclists a day complaining about bikes being taken.

“The lock that I have is known to be pretty impenetrable and they cut through it like it was butter,” she said. “How many bikes have been cut off this pole?”

Read more: Locked bike removed from TTC pole by security guard at neighbouring building | Toronto Star.

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