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NEWS: Cranky old man calls new BMX park a big visual distraction for motorists

I think this writer, Norris Mcdonald, a cranky old man who posts awful articles about “motorsports” (is sitting in a chair turning a wheel and pushing pedals really a “sport”?  NOPE.) and also gems entitled “Are Men Better Drivers Than Women”  MUST be  advocating for burying all highways (or all roads) in tunnels, because that’s the only way to eliminate visual distractions for drivers.  I’m sure he feels that radios and GPS systems should also be banned from cars? Also no electronic devices allowed, because drivers may text people or check facebook when they should be paying attention to the road?

Visual distractions are very dangerous because no matter how many times they are told not to, drivers will always take a gander and that — as illustrated above — can create serious problems.

So can somebody please tell me why the city of Toronto has built a BMX park right beside the Gardiner Expressway?

A BMX park, for the uninitiated, is where kids perform bicycle motocross stunts.

They fly through the air with the greatest of ease and it is very difficult to take your eyes off of them when they get twisting and turning and jumping around.

via BMX park a big visual distraction for motorists – Wheels.ca.

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