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NEWS: Councillour McMahon, on Adelaide Bike Lane Separation

You GO, Mary-Margaret!  Let’s drag Toronto into the 21st century when it comes to biking infrastructure!

“They need to be fully physically separated, not just paint—that’s not what I voted for. I think we need a little semantics lesson for everyone or dictionaries or something.”

via Duly Quoted: Mary-Margaret McMahon, on Adelaide Bike Lane Separation | politics | Torontoist.

  • AEIM

    FYI from the spelling police: “Councillour” should be “Councillor”.

  • Scared monkey

    The new Adelaide bike lane certainly appears to cater to the automobile. The Rub and Doug war on cars is still playing out, and like their good friend Mr. Cherry supposedly once said, “… I say he’s going to be the greatest mayor this city has ever seen, as far as I’m concerned, and put that in your pipe, you left-wing kooks. Thank you very much.”