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NEWS: Brookfield Properties defends stealing bikes at HBC Centre

Brookfield Properties offers a piss poor excuse for stealing bikes parked legally on public property, citing “adjacent property rights”.

I’m not a real estate lawyer, but if there is one out there that can shed some light on what “adjacent property rights” may be, that would be helpful.  I can’t find anything regarding them for Toronto (other than the obvious stuff like your neighbour can’t erect a 20 foot tall fence, etc…)

Because, you know…. if there’s some quirky law saying that I can steal stuff off my neighbour’s property because I own the adjacent property… I’m going to start paying more attention to their stuff.

“As adjacent property owner, we have the right to remove a bike or otherwise affixed object to property and the TTC pole on the sidewalk outside of our building if it poses a perceived risk to pedestrians… There have been numerous instances at this location where pedestrians have tripped over or have otherwise been injured by bicycles affixed to the pole. We apologize to anyone who believed their bike was stolen and in the future endeavour to provide either a verbal or written warning before removing a bike or other property from a prohibited area.”

via Brookfield defends its removal of bikes at HBC Centre.

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