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NEWS: Bike Share struggling with repair problem

I could do without the anecdotes from people whining about not being able to find a spot to park their bikeshare bike (that generally means that the system is popular), but it is a symptom of the larger problem… that BikeShare parts and new stations are hard to come by in the short term.

PBSC filed for bankruptcy in January and “the supply of parts to maintain the system disappeared”, Hancock says. “The entire supply chain was disrupted.”

Toronto’s system isn’t the only one that’s been affected. This spring, Washington, DC’s Capital Bikeshare put a planned expansion on hold because it was unable to buy new infrastructure from PBSC.

Alta has tried to find other sources for the parts but some of the system’s components are propriety and belong to PBSC. In April a Quebec businessman bought PBSC’s international operations, and Hancock is hopeful that “eventually they’ll be able to re-establish their supply of parts.”

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  • simonyyz

    ‘Whining’ about not finding spots to park? That’s a completely legitimate complaint that can completely ruin your experience using the system. It’s not a sign of popularity, it’s a sign of under resourcing the management of the network, and a sign that you’ll be losing customers.

  • Anecdotes are the main problem. Back it up with data.