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INFRASTRUCTURE: What did Stephen Buckley recommend for Richmond and Adelaide’s separated bikelanes?

NOTE: Send your requests for adequate separation during this pilot project to Transportation Services managers Stephen Buckley sbuckle@toronto.ca, Dan Egan degan@toronto.ca, Lukasz Pawlowski lpawlow@toronto.ca along with Public Works and Infrastructure Committee pwic@toronto.ca and for good measure include 311@toronto.ca.


So, the Director of Toronto’s Transportation Services department, Stephen Buckley, thinks that a City Council decision is just a vague guideline for his department… and that he doesn’t have to have provide actual separation on Richmond and Adelaide’s new bikelanes.

If only we had a report from a transportation expert on what the preferred configuration of the streets could be.  Oh wait…we DO!  Bonus: it was put together and/or signed off on by a guy named Stephen Buckley.  The SAME Stephen Buckley!

The preliminary preferred alignment for Richmond Street is a westbound cycle track on the right (north) side of the street. The right side curb lane would be converted to a cycle track separated from the adjacent traffic lane by a painted buffer and flexi-posts, as illustrated in Figure 1, below.


That sure looks like you were recommending actual separation, Stephen, with actual flexi-posts.  Why don’t you go ahead and listen to yourself?

More: Read Stephen Buckley’s April 22, 2014 Report

  • Important to note that in the plan, Richmond between Bathurst and Spadina is to be installed to allow delivery trucks to use the “cycle tracks” for parking. Supposedly only during “off-peak” hours, but this won’t be enforced. Looks like Buckley just chose to make the entire pilot on Richmond and Adelaide accessible for deliveries, a detail that completely negates these lanes as “cycle tracks.” Utterly shameful.

  • Worst. Transportation. Person. Ever. #bringSadikKhantoToronto

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