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INFRASTRUCTURE: What did Stephen Buckley recommend for Richmond and Adelaide’s separated bikelanes?

NOTE: Send your requests for adequate separation during this pilot project to Transportation Services managers Stephen Buckley sbuckle@toronto.ca, Dan Egan degan@toronto.ca, Lukasz Pawlowski lpawlow@toronto.ca along with Public Works and Infrastructure Committee pwic@toronto.ca and for good measure include 311@toronto.ca.


So, the Director of Toronto’s Transportation Services department, Stephen Buckley, thinks that a City Council decision is just a vague guideline for his department… and that he doesn’t have to have provide actual separation on Richmond and Adelaide’s new bikelanes.

If only we had a report from a transportation expert on what the preferred configuration of the streets could be.  Oh wait…we DO!  Bonus: it was put together and/or signed off on by a guy named Stephen Buckley.  The SAME Stephen Buckley!

The preliminary preferred alignment for Richmond Street is a westbound cycle track on the right (north) side of the street. The right side curb lane would be converted to a cycle track separated from the adjacent traffic lane by a painted buffer and flexi-posts, as illustrated in Figure 1, below.


That sure looks like you were recommending actual separation, Stephen, with actual flexi-posts.  Why don’t you go ahead and listen to yourself?

More: Read Stephen Buckley’s April 22, 2014 Report

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