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INFRASTRUCTURE: Downtown Yonge BIA leads the way for bike-friendliness


Recently, the Downtown Yonge Business Improvement Association (BIA) has been updating their bike racks, as well as having bike repair workshops and Cycle Toronto’s Bike Valet at their major events.

They’re a BIA that understands that the future health of their businesses depends on massive amounts of people being able to get to their businesses.  A lot of BIAs in Toronto are fixated on car parking … which any elimination of car parking, or even ANY attention paid to other modes of travel (walking, biking, TTC) being met with downright hostility.  This is dispite the fact that study after study after study after study (even in Toronto, with studies in the Annex and the Bloor West Village) shows that encouraging cycling and walking in a business area is better for those businesses.  Some BIAs even ASK their municipal governments for protected bikelanes!

Great job Downtown Yonge.  I’ll be visiting (and spending money) more.

Check out the Yonge BIA Active Transportation Guide (PDF) via this page: Yonge BIA Active Transportation

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