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INFRASTRUCTURE: The reconstruction of Queens Park and Hoskins

 This will be interesting.  It’s a little bit of a crazy corner right now… with drivers swinging right onto Hoskin from Queens Park southbound while seemingly not even looking for pedestrians or cyclists.

Reconstructing Hoskins-Queens Park Cres intersection to improve bike & ped safety.

via Twitter / TO_Cycling: @TO_Transport is reconstructing ….

  • hamish

    I may be lazy for sure, but I really haven’t seen the details of the linkage to be done between Hoskins and Wellesley, though it’s important, and I’m at the point where I don’t really trust the City on some of the details, that point having been reached maybe a decade ago. One can hope – but while the Queen’s Park Crescent is being needlessly repaved (compared with Bloor, and, and and….), uh, where are the bike lanes? I’d accept mere paint; it’s an easy thing to do really but I guess if bike lanes arrive on QPC, then they might be extended south on University. Gee – and with a subway underneath, and those four lanes of car-space, there’s just No Way hmm?