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INFRASTRUCTURE: Queens Quay separated bikelane is being made properly


If you haven’t been following along, there are a lot of people upset at the half-assed way that the “separated” bikelanes are being installed on Richmond and Adelaide.  These are bikelanes that have been approved by City Council as physically separate (meaning something keeps cars and trucks out of them), yet getting something physical put in (like flex-bollards) is proving to be a struggle… with Transportation Services (obviously a car-centric department) only painting the bikelanes and then saying they’d only put flex-bollards in where there are high rates of motor vehicle incursions.  Such crap.

Meanwhile, Waterfront Toronto is doing it properly (photo above).  Nice bikelanes separated from car traffic with concrete curbs AND  flex-bollards.  There’s even a buffer area for taxis to load and unload.

Take notes Toronto.  Waterfront Toronto does it properly.

Well done Waterfront Toronto. An example of a high quality separated bike lane on Queens Quay, now under construction.

via Cycle Toronto – Mobile Uploads.

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