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INFRASTRUCTURE: Cyclists pushed out of bike lane by Shred-it truck

We’ve been keeping an eye on Shred-it vehicles since our May 29 column about a five-truck shredding operation that dominated Freeland St. when we came across it.

Shred-it vice-president Bruce Andrew said his company uses the tiny street for off-site shredding, instead of blocking busier downtown streets, and that it is looking for ways other ways minimize traffic disruption.

Based on what we’ve seen since then, Shred-it drivers aren’t doing anything different. They still park right outside their customers’ doors and seem unconcerned about traffic problems they create.

Read More: Cyclists pushed out of bike lane by Shred-it truck: The Fixer | Toronto Star.

  • LelaG

    It’s about time that Shred-it vice-president Bruce Andrew learn that the bicycle is a vehicle and therefore a legit component of “traffic” which his company’s trucks obstruct. It is called: cycling traffic lane .