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INFRASTRUCTURE: Chorley Park Switchback offers access to beautiful piece of Toronto


This protest is crazy.  During the recent provincial election, there were more anti-switchback signs on lawns than election signs.

A battle for access to our shared city is currently being fought in one of Toronto’s most beautiful places. Just north of the Don Valley Brickworks a sign stuck in the tall grass next to the Mud Creek pathway reads STOP CHORLEY PARK SWITCHBACK.. Chorley Park is at the top of the slope here, surrounded by more signs in front of many a Rosedale manse. There are dirt paths & old wooden stairs joggers and hikers climb to get up and down.

Though only a 15-minute bike ride from Yonge and Bloor, all of this remains difficult to access; the consistently jammed parking lot at the Brickworks evidence most opt to drive here. The planned switchback would connect Chorley Park to the Brickworks and Mud Creek with a paved path allowing wheelchairs, strollers, and everyone else an accessible route up and down. The 82 Rosedale bus even stops at the edge of the park, so there would be easy TTC access too, but construction has been delayed due to this protest.

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