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WANTED: Models for Cycle Toronto Campaign


Via CycleToronto:

We’re looking for cyclists to star in a streetcar ad campaign about cycling in the city!

We’ll be running streetcar ads in September to “normalize” bike commuting for people who might be hesitant to try riding to work or school. The ads will have photos of Toronto cyclists riding their bikes on city streets, with each cyclist’s first name and a few words about who they are and why they love to ride. The ads will also link to an online toolkit with resources on safe riding and on how to advocate for better local infrastructure and support at work or school.

Photos will be taken the morning of Sunday, July 20, and the evening of Monday, July 21. You must be available, with your bike, for at least one of these dates. Monday will also act as a rain date forSunday.

Interested and available? Please email a paragraph description of yourself to siva.v@cycleto.ca by Monday, July 14. We’re looking for a diverse group of people of all backgrounds, ages, and cycling abilities/interests, so please be specific about why you think you’d be a great cyclist to feature!

We’ll get back to you by Wednesday, July 16 about whether you’ve been selected for the campaign. Please note that we are not able to offer compensation beyond a digital copy of the photo we take of you.

  • Myron

    Hey Cycle Toronto… you might want to consider using models wearing helmets.
    Bad for your hair, good for your brains.

  • That’s a photo that *I* pulled from the internet. It’s not Cycle Toronto’s photo. And jesus… helmets don’t magically make you safe. It’s not like they’re filled with fairy dust or something.

  • bicichica

    Yes! Love that reply bikingtoronto! I’m not sure why people think that simply by wearing a helmet they’re immune to danger…the amount of people I see biking wearing helmets doing reckless and stupid things…sigh. But hey! they’re wearing a helmet so all good. Oh, and not to mention, the number of people wearing helmets so very very wrong- falling off loose, old as the hills, not clipped (for real??), baseball cap underneath, but again, they’re at least wearing one so are immune and their brains are safe. Silly billies.

  • Great points Bicichica. :)