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TOURISM: Sightseeing by pedal power: Toronto (doesn’t) tout cycle tourism options

This article is basically an ad for Toronto Bicycle Tours… but more interesting is that it is NOT about Toronto touting cycle tourism options but that we are failing… that cycle tourism is big business and Toronto is letting it slip away by ignoring cycling infrastructure.  Make EVERY street bike-friendly.  Not just one here and there.

Inside a hotel in the grey, concrete-dominated downtown core, Stephanie Kampmann thought Toronto seemed dark, congested and uninviting.

The first-time visitor from Germany had resigned herself to the idea that Vancouver, the next leg of her cross-Canada tour, would make up for the disappointment. Seeing the city as a cyclist, she says, gave her a new perspective.

On a bright July morning, Kampmann, her husband Axel and their two teenaged children took a pass on the sightseeing bus and zipped around the city as many locals do – by pedal power. Led by a guide from Toronto Bicycle Tours, Kampmann and her family covered significant territory in the span of a few hours, crossing well-known tourist destinations such as the CN Tower, the Rogers Centre and the Eaton Centre off their list.

Read More: Sightseeing by pedal power: Toronto touts cycle tourism options | Metro.

  • Matt The Golem

    “Make EVERY street bike-friendly. Not just one here and there” is completely unrealistic expectation. And cycling isn’t really a good way to see the city; a TTC group day pass is probably a better option to get from place to place..

  • paige

    It’s only unrealistic if you want it to be. There’s plenty of larger more metropolitan cities that have fantastic bike infrastructure. Biking around Toronto with a guide is way faster and way more sensory-fun that riding the glum, slow, expensive [group passes only work on wknds], TTC

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