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OH YEAH! Bike Share Toronto Hackathon & Design Jam


Very cool!  Bikeshare Toronto… I think I love you.  Great innovative event.

Save the date – we’re hacking Bike Share Toronto!

On August 15th, 16th and 17th, we’ll be holding a hackathon, design jam and various community events to see what kinds of apps, maps, stories and visualizations we can create using Bike Share Toronto data and other cycling and planning data.

 Bike Share TO is releasing its open data sets for the first time ever – and we’re inviting you to dig in first. (Don’t worry – we’ve already cleaned it up). The Toronto Open Data portal has other data sets of note/interest to consider, including bicycle parking, bike trails and others. To get an idea of the data used and entries created, check out this event from the Bay Area Data Challenge: http://www.bayareabikeshare.com/datachallenge

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