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NEWS: Toronto takes stronger action to target illegal bike lane parking

Toronto’s parking enforcers are looking to put a stop to illegal bike lane parking once and for all.

As the city installs new downtown bike lanes in a year-long pilot project, it will be using a combination of new pavement markings, signage that threatens a $150 fine, and targeted enforcement blitzes to keep the lanes clear of idle cars.

The goal is to make the painted outlines of a bike lane as effective as a physical barrier.

Read More: Toronto takes stronger action to target illegal bike lane parking | Metro.

  • thesailorman

    So hopes and dreams will keep drivers from stopping/parking in bike lanes? We should apply that brilliant strategy to building transit, attracting industry to the city, and collecting garbage.

  • Scared monkey

    the sailorman- unfortunately our whole culture is based on hopes, dreams, wishful thinking, and miracles, with a central theme of a person rising up from the dead.