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NEWS: Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon hit by car while biking

This story is only in the Sun right now, so I’m linking to it bregrudgingly.  The comments are horrible.

Glad to hear Mary-Margaret is okay.  She’s one of the few politicians in Toronto (or anywhere) that give me hope for this city.

A man has been charged with careless driving after Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon got knocked off her bike and sent to hospital.

The bike-loving councillor was riding south on Woodbine Ave. crossing Gerrard St. on Sunday when she was hit and left lying on the street just before 11 a.m.

“I’m all banged up on my left side but I’m surprised I can walk away – it could have been a lot worse,” McMahon told the Sun on Tuesday.

McMahon – who is running for re-election – said she was being her “classic, cautious, Mary Poppins, cyclist self” when the incident happened.

“The light had just changed and next thing I knew I had a passenger side door right at my handlebar and so I yelled, I screamed and then thump, the back of the car hit me and tossed me off onto Woodbine,” McMahon said. “I was lying there on Woodbine and thankfully no one ran over me.”

More: Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon hit by car | Toronto & GTA | News | Toronto Sun.

  • hamish

    Yikes! And Mary Margaret is one of the few Councillors who really gets the urban biking issues from sometimes daily commutes. The distance leader is Councillor deBaeremaeker for sure, year-round too, and Mike Layton is near the top too. Gord Perks can’t ride a bike from a balance issue for the record.
    Hope MMM is feeling OK really soon….

  • DavidS

    This happened a couple of days ago, and MM has already Facebooked about it good-naturedly.

  • Yeah, MMM rides a lot. I see her frequently at community events (her Ward is next to mine) where she has biked there.

  • Thanks David. I saw her twitter status about being knocked off her bike a few days ago… but didn’t realize how serious it was until I saw this article.

  • realpigasus

    :( get well soon!

  • Rob

    The number of people in this city who think it’s their god-given right to use cars and/or bikes is unbelievable. There’s a massive amount of cyclists who are completely ignorant of road regulations, and likewise there is a massive number of motorists who are equally ignorant. Being a cyclist AND motorist, I pride myself on knowing the Highway Traffic Act and civic road use bylaws inside out. I see nothing wrong with licensing bicycle use on public roads, but I would also like to see Toronto police cracking down on illegal parking, stopping (of bikes and motorvehicles), improper signalling, lane-changing and other driving faux-pas that are dangerous to cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.

    Given the numbers and demographics of cyclists in Toronto, we should look at other cities with similar statistics and geography for the development of our cycling system – Berlin, Munich…etc.

  • I see your point, Rob, but since car drivers have the opportunity to cause so much more damage (ie. killing people) if they are irresponsible, shouldn’t they be regulated more than relatively harmless cyclists?

    Should pedestrians be licensed too?

  • WarOnMugs

    Of course cars are more dangerous, but bikes flaunting the law endanger fellow cyclists and pedestrians, and moreover impair the chances of a healthy respect between cars and bikes in the city. Cars ARE more regulated than bikes, and should be. But bike infractions should be more heavily ticketed as well. That said, the idea of “bicycle licenses” is a non-starter to me. I don’t think that’s been done anywhere in the world, and I wouldn’t want to start here.

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