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NEWS: Canada Post driver parks in bikelane, tells cyclist recording it to “go f–k yourself!”

This happened earlier this week. You can contact Canada Post using this handy part of their website (online, social media, phone and via mail)

via: I stopped to report this Canada Post truck parked in the bike lane. Recorded the video instead. – YouTube.

  • fair_n_hite_451

    Not from the city, so this may be obvious based on location, but the recording never actually places the post van “IN” a bike lane. I mean, the cussing driver is bad enough (and throwing garbage?) … but there is no visual evidence on the recording that he’s actually blocking a bike lane with clear markings.

  • City driver

    This is not downtown and the guy recording is lucky he didn’t get smacked for being such a pussy behind the camera – the cyclist downtown have no respect for lanes or cars they are like roaches all over the roads….

  • yeah, this IS a bikelane. This is St. George.

  • This IS downtown. This is St. George north of College.

    The person who made the video is a woman, and the postal worker is even more of an ass for not being able to take someone pointing a camera at them.

  • Cowardly to sign with “city driver”. Sign your real name. Meanwhile, did anyone send a copy of the video to the post office supervisor?

  • Y Mak

    cyclist have every right just like any other vehicles to the lanes or streets that cars are entitled to. read your highway traffic act!

  • TristanTerrific

    What do you expect the postal worker to do? How is he supposed to deliver the mail? I believe that they are exempt. It would be crazy to ask him to park the car in the one lane of traffic. Bikes are flexible, they can drive around the guy. I have a disabled grandmother. I pick her up for appointments. She has a disabled parking permit, so she is allowed to stop or even park in a parking route. I signal and pull over to let her off at the front of the doctor’s office and then I signal and go to park. The number of times angry cyclists yell at us/her is shocking and upsetting to her. Can’t we just get along?

  • He’s supposed to park his truck in an actual parking spot. Other people do it. He can too.

    Sorry to hear about your grandmother. Her car can stop to load or unload in a bikelane, but can NOT be parked there.

    BlogTO recently put together a handy guide that you may find useful: