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INFRASTRUCTURE: Toronto Hydro is leading by example


Props to Toronto Hydro for caring about cyclist safety.  This is the 2nd instance I’ve seen in the last 2 weeks of Toronto Hydro going out of their way to ensure the bikelane is safe and passable when they are doing work.  They other was a case where they parked their truck in a car lane instead of a bike lane.

Now this is how you block a bike lane: rebuild it using pylons! Thank you for your leadership Toronto Hydro in creating safer construction & maintenance sites.

via Cycle Toronto – Facebook.

  • CCTO

    Joe, it really looks to me like those cones are to define a safe place for pedestrians, since the truck is blocking the crosswalk. We cyclists should not be riding in places set aside for pedestrians. We need to merge into the rest of vehicle traffic and take our place in the lane there.

  • I can see how this would be interpreted like this. Thanks CCTO.