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INFRASTRUCTURE: Solving the bike problem with the new generation of bike storage

Great examples of what can be done, and is being done in other cities.

The momentum for ‘mode-shift’ to cycling in our cities continues at a pace, giving cyclists a new problem: where do they safely park their bicycles? Every day bikes are exposed to the rigours of the weather and threat of theft, making city dwellers particularly aware of the importance of secure parking. Some (but not many) commuters are blessed with the provision of vast underground parking areas below their offices, but what do the rest do? Bicycles are filling the streets, and the huge volume of street parking spaces are making some areas look increasingly unattractive and cluttered; visit the main railway station in Copenhagen and you will see how cycling can become a victim of its own success.

Full article: Solving the bike problem with the new generation of bike storage | Knowledge.

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