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INFRASTRUCTURE: Simcoe finally gets some bollards!

Well… this is good.  Simcoe’s very short bikelane now has some separation! Actual bollards!  That actually may keep vehicles out of there (hopefully).

@TO_Transport has installed bollards to Simcoe Pilot Cycle Track, southbound Wellington-Front

via Twitter / TO_Cycling: @TO_Transport has installed ….

  • loosecog

    Is “bollard” the correct term for these flimsy things? I have my doubts whether they’ll actually keep car traffic out.

  • Alex

    Typically these are known as flex-posts, and “bollard” is used to describe a metal or concrete post, but they are a type of bollard in the end. If spaced close enough together (which these appear to be) they do a good job of discouraging drivers from entering the lane.