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INFRASTRUCTURE: Separated bikelanes failing. Big time.

NOTE: Send your requests for adequate separation during this pilot project to Transportation Services managers Stephen Buckley sbuckle@toronto.ca, Dan Egan degan@toronto.ca, Lukasz Pawlowski lpawlow@toronto.ca along with Public Works and Infrastructure Committee pwic@toronto.ca and for good measure include 311@toronto.ca.

Hmmm… do we need bollards on separated bikelanes?  Or is paint enough?  This is a real tough one, isn’t it?

via: Twitter / mfp1971: Is this legal? #biketo

  • hamish

    Oh, don’t you like the new addition to the bike lane notwork?

  • Dorian Douma

    what the hell, why are they allowing this?

  • Dorian Douma

    more like “police failing… big time” … you could always just DO YOUR JOB

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