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INFRASTRUCTURE: After waiting a decade, cyclists are taking new bike lanes in style


This was a pretty benign article about the 10 years (10 YEARS) it took to get PILOT approval of separated bikelanes on Richmond and Adelaide, until I got to the line I’ve bolded at the bottom of this post.  Egan, you WILL need the flexi-posts, because cars do NOT stay out of bikelanes.  You of all people should know this.

Also… 10 years is CRAZY.  How long did it build to take the SkyDome?  3 years.  The CN Tower? 3 years.  The Burj Khalifa, the tallest man-made structure in the world at 830m tall? 6 years.  Two 1.5 kilometre pilot bikelanes in Toronto? 10 years.

Daniel Egan, manager of cycling infrastructure, said his staff have done travel time surveys, driving Richmond and Adelaide before the bike paths went in; they will drive the stretches again this fall to compare results. The city will also count cars and bikes, and report back to council in 2015.“It could be anything from ‘Yeah, it’s great,’ to ‘take it out,’ ” he says.The staff report promises lanes “separated from adjacent traffic lane by a painted buffer and flexi-posts.” Laura Pedersen/National PostBicyclists use the newly painted bike lanes on eastbound Adelaide Street West between Bathurst Street and Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario on Thursday, July 24, 2014.

Mr. Egan said if cars stay out of the bike lanes, they may not need the flexi-posts.

Read More: After waiting more than a decade, cyclists are taking to the new bike lanes in style | National Post.

(the National Post is annoying, and puts up a paywall.  Just google “incognito browsing” for your browser to open the link that way.)

  • How are they “Toronto’s first east- end separated lanes” if they end at Simcoe? Plus, Sherbourne and Wellesley exist.

  • great fact checking at the Post

  • selonmoi

    The most egregious thing about this “separated” bike lane is that it become a right-turn lane for cars at every intersection!

    Surely the vast majority of car-bike collisions must happen at intersections, and these lanes do nothing to address that danger.

    What I’d like to know is, post-pilot, if they do properly separate them, is the plan to keep them separated right to the corners, and use signals and yield signs to improve the car-bike interactions?

    If not, stop wasting everyone’s time, paint normal bike lanes and be done with it.