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ELSEWHERE: Allo Velo – It Takes a Village to Build a Bike Shop

Lamar Timmins of Allo Velo - Chris Bruntlett

Wonderful article about Allo Velo and Velolifestyle, and I’m not just saying that because they are a new sponsor of Biking Toronto.  I lvoe the part about kids coming by after school to fill up their tires.

To say the community has been supportive of his venture would be an understatement. “This used to be a massage parlor, and not the kind you’d send your mom to,” Timmins explained. “There’s an elderly couple who walk by every day on their way to Atwater Market, and they make a point of knocking on the window and waving.” At the end of each school day, local kids will drop by to fill up their tires, or to lift or lower their saddles if they’ve been sharing their bike with a sibling. “We’ve met so many great families who love the variety of cargo bikes we rent and sell, and that has really affirmed our commitment to spread the word about them.”

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