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OH YEAH: The Case For Protected Bike Lanes


I love that there is SO MUCH about the safety, economic and community benefits of protected bikelanes now. Even Fast Company is in on the party.  Now.. let’s get EVERY bikelane in Toronto protected!  Flexible bollards are cheap.  Let’s DO this!

Giving cyclists their own space results in some pretty big benefits beyond just a lack of dead cyclists.

Visit cities like Amsterdam or Copenhagen and you soon notice something different about the facilities for cyclists. Not only are there are plenty of bike lanes, but the lanes are fully separated from the rest of the road–usually with plant pots or plastic bollards. Far from being an afterthought, cyclists get their own road infrastructure.

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  • Needs Protection

    I just spent precious time stopping at various intersections trying to navigate how to get across town on streets that actually HAVE bike lanes rather than feel vulnerable on streets without. I was only nearly killed once, by a cabbie. I consider this a win. If we had separated bike lanes I ( and soooo many others) would bike way more often. If I biked more often I’d be healthy and fit right now! If I were healthy and fit right now old ladies wouldn’t have been able to pass me today and I’d be a happier person. Just sayin’.