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NEWS: The 12-Step Plan to Get Toronto Moving

Hoping that a clear plan presented during a municipal election campaign will get some political attention and goodwill, a variety of community groups—Toronto Centre for Active Transportation (TCAT), the Toronto Environmental Alliance (TEA), Cycle Toronto,Walk Toronto, and Canada Walks—have gotten together and come up with a list of 12 “priority actions,” which are contained in a new report, “Building a Toronto That Moves.”


  • Create a Minimum Grid of 100 km of protected bike lanes on main streets and 100 km of bicycle boulevards on residential streets across Toronto by 2018.
  • Create 100 new on-street parking corrals across Toronto.
  • Connect major transit hubs in North York, Scarborough and Etobicoke with protected bike lanes and bicycle boulevards enabling Torontonians to bike as a part of their commute.
  • Implement a Complete Streets policy in the Official Plan. (“A Complete Streets policy ensures that the entire network is consistently designed and operated for all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.”)

Read More: 12-Step Plan to Get Toronto Moving | cityscape | Torontoist.

  • Dawn Henri

    good luck

  • Karena de Souza

    Heard this presentation while driving. The need to have snow free sidewalks caught my attention (among others) My daughter introduced me to the idea of Solar roadways over a week ago. It has since been written about on Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/05/30/solar-roadways-indiegogo_n_5416811.html and Tech Republic, and raised most of its original indiegogo target. It may be interesting to test the concept on some Toronto sidewalks.

  • Love the solar roads idea!