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NEWS: John Tory is now the Anti-Bike Candidate in the Mayoral Race


Okay, Rob Ford will always be THE anti-bike candidate, but let’s just hope his support stays at 20% (in related news, 20% of Torontonians are on crack) and we don’t have to deal with him again.

John Tory’s campaign has come out against Olivia Chow’s plan to drastically increase bikelanes in Toronto, creating a Minimum Grid of infrastructure to help Torontonians get around the city by bike, safely.

Tory doesn’t understand that less people driving cars actually eases congestion…. but it’s really not a difficult concept.

A spokeswoman for John Tory, one of Ms. Chow’s main rivals, suggested that drivers cannot be inconvenienced by new bicycle infrastructure.

“John does not support anything that increases commute times for drivers,” Amanda Galbraith said in an e-mail. “John is in favour of building a network of separated bike lanes where it is practical, to ensure cyclists can safely travel throughout our city.”

More: Toronto mayoral race: Chow pledges 200 km of bike lanes – The Globe and Mail.

  • selonmoi

    So, Tory’s position: If ever there’s a conflict between the safety of cyclists and the convenience of drivers, the convenience of drivers always wins.

    Not coincidentally, that’s also Rob Ford’s “war on bikes” position.

  • Yeah, he definitely has been adopting some of Ford’s policies to go after parts of “Ford Nation”.

  • Mike

    1. Why would anyone support a “minimum grid”? That’s like telling people on the TTC “let’s build a barebones subway network”.

    2. John Tory will be worse than Rob Ford for cycling because he’s actually smart enough to make regressive policies happen. If it were a toss up between Rob Ford and John Tory, one should support Rob Ford all the way. John Tory is like Rob Ford with a Forest Hill pedigree–all the education and moneyed support but the same core beliefs. “We need safe infrastructure because bikes are fantastic…as long as they’re not in front of our Audis.”

    Olivia Chow is the best candidate for a great grid.

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