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NEWS: It’s time for Toronto’s second-class cyclists to take over our streets

You GO Christopher Hume!  The revolution will be bicyclized! haha.

Seriously though… his point is a valid one… with more infrastructure, the number of cyclists in this city will explode exponentially, making bikelanes and infrastructure not only the right thing to do, but politically feasible to those at City Hall.

The problem with this city is that there aren’t enough bicycles on the streets. True, hundreds of cyclists can be seen on downtown roads like College, King and Queen. The dedicated Sherbourne lane is sometimes busy and so are Bloor and Danforth.

But what Toronto needs is thousands and thousands of cyclists, hordes of two-wheelers, enough to take over the streets and establish, if not primacy, at least equality with cars and trucks.

The issue is critical mass, and this city hasn’t reached it. Of course, cyclists get precious little support from official Toronto. Despite the brave talk about 500 kilometres of bike lanes on city streets by 2011; that deadline has come and gone with little to show. The temporary proposed routes on Richmond and Adelaide are a good sign, but Toronto’s a long way from realizing its pedalling potential.

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