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NEWS: 4 of 5 major mayoral candidates say more bike lanes in the downtown core.


What if we had more separated bike lanes in the downtown core?

Toronto council’s public works and infrastructure committee recently approved a pilot project for separated bicycle lanes on sections of Richmond and Adelaide Sts. City council will vote June 10 on whether to OK the project. As Toronto’s cycle community grows and the issue of safety on the roads remains a concern, Cycle Toronto has been advocating for a quicker approval process for bike lanes and improvements to the cycling infrastructure, such as safer intersections. Opponents, however, say bike lanes are not practical and lead to traffic congestion.

As part of our year-long Big Ideas project, each week we present Toronto’s leading mayoral candidates with a proposal that has ignited discussion across the city. We have received more than 900 ideas on how to improve Toronto from our readers, many of which have centred on the city’s cycling infrastructure.

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